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The history of State Enterprise “Powder Metallurgy Plant”

State Enterprise “Powder Metallurgy Plant”(earlier Brovary Plant of Powder Metallurgy) was established as a Specialized Enterprise which used in its production new technologies of powder metallurgy and composite materials.

Here the main history marks ,describing the evolution of our Plant:

  • On August 13, 1958 , the first technical design was approved according to Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Council of Ministers of the USSR "About the development of powder metallurgy and implementation in the metal-ceramic products production” .
  • In 1960 the first facilities of the Plant were designed by the Institute “Ukrgiprometiz”, Dnepropetrovsk;
  • In 1960 was started the construction of the Plant;
  • In 1963 was cut into operation the gas workshop on production of converted gas by means of steam- gas reforming of natural gas and energy services complex.
  • The first stage of the powder’s workshop was launched in 1964.
  • In 1965 was put into service the block of such workshops: tool workshop, maintenance workshop, electric workshop, workshop of special powders and special articles.
  • The workshop of sintered products began to work in 1967.
  • In 1974 was entered into operation the work shop of carbon materials.
  • In 1975 was cut into service the workshop of friction disks.
  • In 1977-1979 was the reconstruction of workshop of iron powders with the transfer to new technology of production by spraying molten iron at first- by air and then - spraying of molten steel by high-pressure water .
  • In 1979 was put into service the workshop of natural products (carbon-glass plastic).
  • In 1983 was cut into operation the workshop of consumer goods (metal small wares).

At the same time there was a housing construction in Brovary, (at the time it’s about 25% of the total housing stock in Brovary), the building of the sport complex "Metallurg " recreation camp on the river Desna - " Lubich" , kindergartens , infrastructure of Promuzel (electric substations, communications, telecommunication, water supply system and sewerage , waste treatment facilities , boiler facility number 2, and so on).

The Plant has been actively growing. The number of staff reached 4 thousand people. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the Plant was transformed into a State Enterprise.

At the Plant are saved all major types of production, but with significant reduction in volume. The plant operates stable, gradually increasing production and developing new kinds of product range. Currently, about 800 people work at the Plant.