Ad number 124 of 07/11/2014

Purchase of services related to personal security code on GKPU 80.10.1. ad Number 124 of 11/07/2014

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  1. Iron-ore pellet.
  2. Crystal silicon
  3. Fluxing stone
  4. Graphite electrodes ГЭ-300
  5. Magnesite powder (Satkinsk production)
  1. Copper powder
  2. Oil and lubricants
  3. Graphite ГСМ
  4. Alloy steel
  5. Tinny Powder ПО-1
  6. Bakelite varnish
  7. Oleoresin СФ-015
  8. Big Begs(flexible containers according to drawings)
  9. Stearate Zn
  10. Fabricated rubber products