Braided carbon gland packing

Impregnated with organosilicon lubricant (УНПК)

ТУ У001186192.069-95

Packing is braided carbon fibers impregnated with organosilicon polymers. Packings are produced of square section from 8x8 to 24x24 mm.

The product has:

  • high thermal and oxidative stability of organosilicon compounds; a slight increase in viscosity at significantly increased temperature; chemical and biological inertness
  • high compressibility and antifriction factors
  • ecological and fire safety

The carbon gland packing is used in the pumps and various shut-off and control valves in the medium of water and vapor at pressures up to 20 MPa and a temperature from +2 ° to +150-300 ° C ( depending on the environment ).

Sliding speeds up to 20 m/s.

The durability of УНПК packing 15-25 times more than the durability of hemp and asbestos packings.