Chemical laboratory services

Powder Metallurgy Plant offers chemical laboratory.

  1. The measurement of the chemical composition of the material:
    • steel of various grades;
    • iron;
    • feromaterials;
    • graphite;
    • Aluminium and aluminum alloys of different brands;
    • Copper-based alloys (bronze, brass);
    • Nickel-based alloys;
    • Iron powder;
    • Non-ferrous metals.
  2. Oil analysis (industrial, compressor, motor, etc..), Organic materials analysis (resins, varnishes, etc.).
  3. Analysis and tests of glass carbon-fiber (fabric-based laminate, Tribolite, glass-fabric laminate).
  4. Measurement of grain composition of various metal powders.
  5. Measurement of hardness (methods of Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell).
  6. Metallographic studies and mechanical tests of metals.
  7. Bench tests of friction materials.
  8. Density and porosity measurements of sintered and composite materials.
  9. Production of distilled water.

Industry certification, certification number 3813-180-ВЛ dated from 08.11.2012.

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