Electro-technical sheet glass-fabric laminate type 121 of grade СТ, СТ-1

Electro-technical sheet glass-fabric laminates have found a wide application in many branches of the national economy as electric insulating material at voltage up to 1000 V and frequency 50 Hz for open-air activity with outside relative humidity(relative air humidity -45-47%, at 15-35º C).
Continuous working temperature: from -65ºC to +130ºC.

  • sheets with a width of up to 900 mm, length up to 1400 mm; thickness ranging from 0.5 to 50mm;
  • articles of different shapes and configurations;
  • cylindrical items with a diameter ranging from 20 to 500 mm and a length up to 1000 mm;

Mechanical-and-physical properties Of Glass-fabric laminate

ItemRequirements ГОСТ-12562-74
Higher gradeFirst gradeHigher gradeFirst grade
Density, kg/cm21600-13001600-18501600-18001600-1850
Cross-breaking strength, flatwise,MPa, not less20095200100
Tensile strength, MPa, not less1007010075
Impact strength, notched, Charpy, edgewise, kJ/m2, not lessDepending on sheet thickness
Electric strength, flatwise(1 minute checking test) KWt/mm, not less, for sheets with thickness up to 3 mm
Specific insulation resistance Ohms, not less, for sheets with thickness up to 8.0 mm, after immersion in water under conditions: 24h/23°C/93%110110110110
Insulation resistance after immersion in water under conditions: 24h/23°C/ distilled water, Ohms, not less100100100100
Tracking strength, edgewise(1 minute checking test) under conditions: M/90C/ dialectric oil, not less208208
Water absorbtion(10,mm thk.) mg, not less491491491491