Friction disks made of plastic

ТУ У 00186192.081-2000

Friction disks are designed for the assembly of the clutch mechanism of motorcycles "Voshod", "Sova", "Minsk". Operate under conditions of lubrication at heavy and medium loads.

Operation life of disk must match the motorcycle mileage 28,000 km.The disk is operated when the bandwidth of spring compression of the clutch coupling is ranging from 72 to 139.2 kg.

The friction coefficient in oil - up to 0.8 .

Thickness wear : 0.04-0.08 mm after running 12,000 km.

ItemUnit of measureNorm
Density of the disk materialg/cm31.3-1.5
Degree of cure of the disk material , not less%88

The warranty service life of the disks must match with the motorcycle mileage 12000km . In 1998 discs according to drawing 149000105901 of SE”PMP” production have been certified as parts of the motorcycle "Sova"manufactured of JSC " Zavod im . VA Degtyareva "( Kovrov, Vladimirska obl . , Russia) and have the certificate of conformance № РОСС RU. МТ 19.ВО 1039