Granulated ferrosilicon ФС-15

Powder of granulated ferrosilicon at present moment is the most effective weighting agent in heavy suspensions for mineral dressing.

Range of application

  • powder of granulated ferrosilicon ФС-15 is an effective weighting agent in heavy suspensions for mineral dressing
  • powder of granulated ferrosilicon is manufactured by means of atomization of powder of grade ФС-15-3 by water of high pressure.

Technical documentation ТУ У 27.3-00186192-096:2009

Powder of granulated ferrosilicon has a specific set of properties

  • high durability during compression
  • wear resistance
  • high corrosion resistance to hydrogen destruction
  • low absorbability of suspension
  • high magnetic permeability
  • high regeneration ability
  • spherical smooth surface
  • specific particle size distribution
  • high density and corrosive resistant

Technical characteristics

GradeMass fraction of silicon,%Moisture content, %, maxParticle density, g/cm3Screen analysis
Fractional yield, %, at particle size, mm
not morenot less
ФС 15-314-160.86.6-7.286030