Hemp packing

Packing, impregnated with organosilicon compounds (of grade ПНПК) or mineral lubricant (of grade ПНПМ), or antifriction lubricant (of grade ПП).

ТУ У 00186192.069-95, ТУ У 00186192.083-2001.

Packing is braided cord made of flax-hemp twine, impregnated with organosilicon polymers or antifriction lubricant, of round section from 8x8 to 24x24 mm.

It is widely used in the power, chemical, petrochemical and food industries, in utilities system, etc; exceeds other graphite packings, both in static and dynamic conditions of work, due to the special properties of the impregnating composition. The above mentioned properties ensure long durability, elasticity of packing, non-drying and constancy of physical and chemical properties for a long time.

There is a permit from the Ministry of Health concerning the operation of packings of grades ПНПК, ПНПМ in contact with drinking water.

Packings are used in pumps and shut-off and control valves.

Packings operate in the medium of water and vapor at pressure up to 20 MPa and a temperature up to 150 °C.

Packings operate at pressure of 5 MPa and a temperature up to 80 °C in the medium of petroleum products.

Maximum sliding speed up to 20 m/s.