New antifriction material – tribolite of brands ХТФ and УТФ according to ТУ У 00186192.061-2000.

The material is a composition of cotton and carbon filler and phenol adhesive with antifriction admixtures. It is used for production of constructional parts of friction assemblies, working under conditions of normal and limited lubrication, increased dirtiness, vibration, and in corrosive environments.

Basic product form- sheets:

  • width-up to 900 mm
  • length-up to 1400 mm
  • thickness-ranging from 1 to 350 mm

Tribolite of brand УТФ can successfully operate at high temperature up to 300ºC with relatively low weight loss due to the use of carbon filler.

New material tribolite was developed by the technicians of State Enterprise “Powder Metallurgy Plant” and was patented by the State department of intellectual Property (patent №12867). Tribolite has lower friction coefficient than traditional material – fabric- cloth laminate

Mechanical- and – physical properties of tribolite

ItemMeasuring unitNorm acc. ТУ
Compression-breaking strength, edgewise, MPa, not lessMPa130100
Cross-breaking strength,flatwise, MPa, not lessMPa10890
Interlaminar strength,lengthwise, not lesskH/m150100
Friction coefficient 0.03-0.15 
Water absorption max%10.8
Mass fraction%35-45

The use of new antifriction material – tribolite of brand ХТФ according to ТУ У 00186192.061-2000, which can be used for production of parts working under conditions of limited lubrication, increased dirtiness and vibration, allowed for the first time ever in Ukraine to master the production of this material at State Enterprise “Powder metallurgy Plant”.