Anti-friction and Friction Products

Anti-friction products made of powder anti-friction materials based on iron and copper are produced in accordance with ГОСТ 2682-86 и ГОСТ 26719-85.

Technical requirements – ТУ У 14-00186192.072-96.

Anti-friction products can be used in friction assemblies of machines and mechanisms working under conditions of lubrication instead of babbitt , bronze , iron and steel bushings and even, in some cases , instead of rolling bearings at load up to 9.8 MPa and sliding velocity up to 3 m / s, and also in the self-lubrication mode at load up to 2 MPa. Oil-soaked anti-friction products can be used in friction assemblies with the limited oil supply into the clearance and without additional oil supply.

Anti-friction products can be used either with face-hardened seasoned or non seasoned steel.

Primarily, the Plant manufactures sliding bearings in the form of bushings with outer diameter ranging from 11 to 133 mm and height ranging from 5 to 100 mm. In case of necessity, it is possible to manufacture bearings of other sizes, taking into account the possibilities of the manufacturing equipment.

The most representative group of anti-friction products is considered to be bushings «СП» for leverage mechanisms of brake systems of railway cars. The technical requirements according to СОУ МПП 45.040-067: 2004.

We also manufacture bushings for subway cars.

Below you can find the reference information concerning technical specifications of some brands of anti-friction materials.