Friction products

Friction disk with diameter ranging from 40 mm to 629 mm, is a steel body(steel feed) with friction linings sintered from two sides.

Friction materials based on bronze or brass of type МК-5, 263, МК-403, БМК-1can be used as raw material for lining production. Articles made from bronze and brass materials operate mainly at heavy and medium loads, under conditions of lubrication and dry friction with surface friction temperature not exceeding 500…600°С.

Disks can be used in transmission systems of industrial track-type machines, road- building machines, automobile, tractor, asphalt distributor, power shovel , rice harvester, windmills and also can be used in other branches of industry(gearbox units, steering clutches which are designed for smooth torque transmission, load reduction on transmission parts during gear actuation and gear changes, for limitation of transitional moment).

Type of materialHardness MPa, kg/mm2Friction coefficient
With lubricationWithout lubrication
МК-5200 - 600 (20 - 60)0.03 - 0.080.16 - 0.32
263200 -750 (20 - 75)0.3 - 0.35
МК-403150 - 550 (15 - 55)0.035 - 0.1280.22 - 0.38
БМК-1250 - 750 (25 - 75)0.15 - 0.25