Carbon technical fabric УУТ-2 and УУТ-2Р

ТУ 6-06 И 78-85

Technical fabrics УУТ-2 and УУТ-2Р are used as reinforcing materials for the production of composite materials that are used briefly at temperatures up to 2500°C.

The binder composition is used based on polyester or epoxy resins, and also the other kinds of thermosetting resins with dynamic viscosity of not more than 2 Pa.

Technological processes allow to produce parts chemically stable in solutions of mineral and organic acids and their salts at a temperature up to 360°C.

Fabrics are used as raw material for the production of activated carbon fiber materials and as a conductive element for the production of conductors, heaters operating at temperatures up to 200° C, sets of electrically heated clothing, electrical stimulators.

№№Name of characteristicNorm for fabric УУТ-2СТNorm for fabric УУТ-2РСТ
1Разрывная нагрузка, H (кгс), не менее для элементарной пробы размерами 25x50 ммWarp517 (53)517 (53)
Weft245 (25)245 (25)
2Surface density, g/m2310-380390-440
3Width, cm, not less6060
4Mass fraction of ash, %, not more 4.54.5
5Resistivity, Ohm, not more3.03.0