Products made of refractory compounds

State Enterprise “Powder Metallurgy Plant”, Brovary, manufactures cases made of self-bonded silicon carbide of grade СКК for

  • thermoelectric thermometers during measurement of temperature of melts of aluminium, copper and their alloys up to the temperature of 1200°C
  • melts of chlorides – up to the temperature of 1000°C
  • combustion products of solid and gas fuels – up to the temperature of 1350°C.

Thermocouple is placed into non-conducting case made of high-density corundum of grade КВПТ, and then into the case made of self-bonded silicon carbide.

Silicon carbide case plays the role of heat-resistant case, as its thermal stability during heating and cooling makes up at least 50 thermal cyclings, as well as corrosion-resistant material in different environments. Air impermeability of cases at the temperature of 20°C makes up at least 0,2 gauge atmospheres.

Durability of cases according to data of different consumers depending on the field of application makes up from 700 to 2000 hours.

At present time the Plant manufactures cases with length of 500, 750 and 800 mm.

The Plant also manufactures nozzles made of material based on titanium diboride for water descaling during hot rolling of ferrous metal sheet. The nozzles are installed in front of rolling mill stands across the whole width of the sheet, the water is supplied thereto at the pressure up to 150 atmospheres which flows onto the sheet and breaks the scale.

Durability of nozzles is 5-6 times more than that made of chromium-nickel and chrome-molybdenum steels.