Products made of self-bonded silicon carbide of grades C2

Products made of self-bonded silicon carbide of grade C2 having high wear-resistance, resistance to various chemicals, including most acids, nonferrous metal melts and alloys up to the temperature of 1350°C, sufficient mechanical resistance at normal and high temperatures.

Physical and mechanical properties of material
Density, g/cm3, not less2.95
Strength limit at 20°С, MPa (kgs/mm2), not lesscompression strength400 (40)
bending strength100 (10)
breaking strength30 (3)
Micro-hardness, MPa (kgs/mm2), not lesssilicon carbide phase2800
silicon phase800

Products are manufactured without machining in the form of billets, as well as with machining.

Products are used as friction couples in face seals and sliding bearings of pumps and compressors, as coating of suction boxes of paper-making machines, pulling rolls upon wire drawing in cable production, nozzles and disks in sprayer units upon production of mineral fertilizers and other materials, components of press molds for hot pressing of ferrites at temperature up to 1350°C, straightening bushings for straightening-cutting machine upon flattening of reinforcing steel, nozzles for abrasive jet and hydroabrasive jet machining, friction couples of geological samples grinding machines, etc.